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Get in the zone, Art Zone! :D


We request art to give every artist a chance!

If you've been requested (or your art has), don't just sit there!




Welcome to Art-Zone! :love:

:bulletblue: Everyone can join! :bulletblue:

This group is a multi-purpose group for ALL kinds of art. EVERY TYPE OF ART WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! Beginner to professional. We accept it all. We don't care if it's a sketch, doodle, or masterpiece -
We love every artist equally and want them ALL to succeed.

Want to know others ways to get noticed? Click here!

:star: Be cool!


Q: Can I join?
A: Of course! Anyone can :happybounce:

Q:What Can I submit here?
A: Pretty much anything as long as it's not overly sexual, or really rude/offensive.
Note that you MUST be a member to submit.

Q: There's a full folder! :O
A: Send us a note about it! :note:

Q: This group notifies me too much!
A: DON'T LEAVE! Check this out:…

Q: I want to help this group!
A: Donate to artvelocity so we can become Super!

Q: How else can I get noticed?


If you have any questions, or concerns please contact one of our administrators.

Also, donations for this group are sent to artvelocity as well. :la:

If this group is missing a category or something you need help with, please don’t hesitate to note us! :la:


Art-Zone is group for all kinds of art! We accept all submissions! Are you Creative? Have a wild imagination? Tired of getting your ideas shot down or your art going unnoticed?
Then this is your place. All art and all artists welcome, no judging (unless it's a critique) or put downs.

Come on and join!

Submissions are limited to 3 per day! :aww:

If you have any questions, please note iDJPanda! :note:

If you don't know how to join, click here.

Help us out! :)

Like many groups, we need points to give you more fun features. Such as contests, giveaways and much MUCH more! They are appreciated so much! :D
Help us out by donating some points! Even one point will go a looong way. :points:


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Akumi123456788 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hello? Last time you tried request of my artwork but it's say Target limit off and I tried add a request for you and it's not working so i dont know what do i do. 

And I have some question to you.

Thank you, 
Trisha1024 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
Can I join?
(1 Reply)
mikeiscool12345 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
i love the icon!
LuckeYaj Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
how do i know if my art piece is confirmed?
(1 Reply)
ProjectSora Featured By Owner 6 days ago
T-Thank you for the requesting my arts! .////////.
But when I say yes, It says target folder is full... w-what is this? qq"""
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